What We Do

We are a non-profit dedicated to nourishing those in need. From our unhoused community to individuals and families, and their pets, struggling from food insecurity, we work diligently to provide healthy foods and access to necessary resources in Contra Costa.

At My Angel’s Inc, it is our mission to ensure that every individual in need has access to nutritious food and other necessary resources to thrive. We are committed to working with local families, members of our unhoused population, and other non-profits to ensure people who need help, have it.

Our History

My Angel’s Inc has its roots in animal rescue, initially known as My Angel’s Rescue. Founder, George Guevara, has always held a special place in his life for mistreated, neglected, and abandoned animals. In 2003. George made a commitment to providing a safe haven for animals deemed too aggressive, sick, or damaged for mainstream adoption or rescue. His passion for animals ensured hundreds of animals were saved, medically treated, and rehabilitated into safe, loving homes.

In 2020 when the Pandemic shuttered many businesses and thousands of families in Contra Costa County, founder George Guevara found himself inundated with requests from many of his rescue families. As businesses closed down, many people lost their income and were seeking support to cover the cost of pet care and pet needs. Mr. Guevara saw a gaping need in the community and began to seek ways to provide food for family pets, but also for the families struggling to keep food on the table.

This is when My Angel’s Inc came to life. Today, My Angel’s, Inc provides food for over 1000 people weekly, with monthly food distribution events with local partners that feed well over 1000 individuals over the course of a few hours.

What started as a passion for animals has grown into a thriving organization providing food and necessary resources to families throughout the community.

Meet our Founder

Born and raised in Antioch, CA, our founder George A. Guevara has a life-long commitment to the people, and his family, in Contra Costa County. 

Mr. Guevara is a graduate of Antioch High School and spent his high school years balancing family responsibilities with adventures traversing the Delta community with his friends.  He will be the first to admit his first love wasn’t school – but building relationships and putting on large-scale events that brought people together. His heart has always been in creating community with a twist of fun and good fortune.

Fast forward and George found himself wrapped up with “the wrong crowd” – which is where his life took a major pivot.  Instead of allowing a series of missteps to define his life moving forward, he made some life-altering relationships that introduced him to a life of service.  

Important lessons that George continually inspires are that of change, growth, and a constant desire to serve.  He acknowledges that his experiences were lessons learned “the hard way.”  He aspires to work with local individuals and families in need to ensure people can find success, safety, and prosperity without falling into the negative patterns that defined the early years of his life.  He believes that when people are surrounded with the support and resources they need to get on their feet, everyone has a chance to succeed. It is his mission to provide that support and hand-up in life to everyone who reaches out. 

Today, Mr. Guevara can be found balancing his day managing the day-to-day intricacies of a major food distribution non-profit, his food distribution ministry, and working as a Prison Mentor with the Youth Prison System and still working to find homes and provide necessary medical intervention for animals in the area.   He worked closely with St. Vincent de Paul, the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano County and White Pony Express to learn the art, and science, of hosting major food distribution events and sources food for distribution through the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano County and White Pony Express.

Notable Accomplishments:

  1. 4th Degree Knight of Columbus
  2. Founder of My Angel’s, Inc and My Angel’s Rescue
  3. Prison Mentor with the Contra Costa Juvinile Justice System
  4. Founder of Contra Costa Homeless Food Ministy 

My Angels Inc. in the Press

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September 24, 2020

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October 27, 2020

Local non-profit My Angel’s Inc, to co-host free food distribution for 1,000 families in Pittsburg Friday – by Publisher

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October 27, 2020

Local non-profit My Angel’s Inc, to co-host free food distribution for 1,000 families in Pittsburg Friday – Story from Contra Costa Herald

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Taking the Time to Nourish Those in Need

We are committed to working closely with those in our community to provide access to nourishing foods to families, individuals, and their pets.  We believe everyone deserves to eat and it is our mission to ensure people have access to the resources that will allow them to thrive.