Our Mission

Our mission is to nourish those in need by providing access to necessary food resources and support systems to the people, and their pets, in our community.

How to Help

Community giving is always a wonderful way to dedicate your time or resources to!  We are always looking for help.  Click here to see some ways you can help.

How to Get Help

If you or your family needs food or assistance. Someone from our team will be in touch with you to provide you with available resources.  Click here for more information: 

Upcoming Food Distributions

Regular distribution is Monday thru Friday by appointment only.

Distribution at homeless camps are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Testimonals for My Angels Inc.

“His heart is to serve Jesus Christ and bring the love of Christ to people…George walks the walk, he doesn’t just talk the talk.”

Pastor Kirk

Staff Pastor, New Covenant Church - Bethel Island

Help My Angels Inc.

Taking the Time to Nourish Those in Need

We are committed to working closely with those in our community to provide access to nourishing foods to families, individuals, and their pets.  We believe everyone deserves to eat and it is our mission to ensure people have access to the resources that will allow them to thrive.